Why SpyCop Is The Only Computer Security Software You Really Need

Wow That's A Bold Statement...

Right now, hackers around the world are writing programs that are searching for unprotected areas of code, finding them and silently slipping past security. Then, they use their imaginations: recording the keystrokes of unsuspecting users, crashing programs, overloading websites, ripping off passwords, stealing account numbers—constantly, silently, anonymously. And their reach increases every time a new computer plugs in...

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My name is Grey McKenzie, Founder of SpyCop.

Do you ever get the uncomfortable feeling that someone was spying on your computer activity? 

Did you know one single Botnet called Storm Worm easily infected close to 10 million computers worldwide stealing computer data around the world. 

Storm Worm, only one of thousands of malicious programs let loose on the Internet, is just one example of what cyber criminals are creating & loading onto computer systems worldwide.


To make EASY money.

Many things you do on your computer is worth hard cold cash to both legitimate companies & cyber criminals alike.

Cyber thieves want your money, your credit card numbers, your passwords, your bandwidth, literally anything and everything they can turn into cash or sell for profit !

Even legitimate companies want to know what your shopping habits are, what you search for on Google... and they will pay for that information.

Some companies aren't to fussy on how they get this information

Marketing intelligence is big business.

Whether you like it or not, YOU ARE A TARGET !!!

According to Finjan Inc a hardware security company...

"The increase in Web-based attacks is staggering. Industry figures include a growth of more than 200% of Web-based malware, with an increase of over 800% in backdoor and password-stealing malware..."

Did I mention governments from around the world, who are now ramping up for cyber warfare.

Many governments are just beginning to learn what can be gleaned from sifting through computer data.

If you don't believe me check out my National Cyber Security website and see what Russia & China are up to.

All this has spurred us on to design a software that would be able to stop any program from stealing private personal or business data off any computer.

SpyCop Cloak TM For Windows was specifically designed to instantly render your keystrokes INVISIBLE to Hackers... Spyware... Trojans... Keyloggers... Bots... Adware... & More... with a click of your mouse.

Then we designed SpyCop to force any program that wanted access to your chats, emails, credit card info etc. to be stopped until you gave the program permission to continue or not. 

SpyCop alerts you when you're threatened & gives you the opportunity to turn it off.

If it is a trojan, bot, spyware, virus or anything that shouldn't be there, you just click your mouse to block it.

Finally you can relax and be confident ANY activity you perform with your computer can NEVER be viewed or harvested for gain... ever again,,, without your knowledge or consent.

It doesn't matter WHAT gets on your computer.

No hacker, trojan, spyware, bot or any other malware program that infects your computer can be used to steal your identity, rob your credit card numbers or grab your passwords & banking login information !

Just because you do online banking or use your credit card to buy something over the Internet shouldn't put you at risk of losing everything, to some hacker halfway around the world.

With SpyCop Cloak, even your online chat conversations & private email correspondence can NEVER be viewed, captured and recorded unless you allow it.

"I've got all sorts of virus scanners & firewalls... why do I need SpyCop Cloak?"

The problem with virus or malware scanning engines are that they have to be updated on a regular basis.


And many times these security software companies won't even have the latest threat in their database yet !

That means that when a new Trojan, Bot, Spyware, Virus or Worm is released it takes time for the malware scanners to catch up.

That means there is a window of time when you are unprotected & wide open to having your computer activities captured, recorded & harvested for financial gain by these cyber crooks.

It's happening over and over again all over the world... with no sign of letting up.

It's the proverbial game of cat & mouse... and you're the mouse.

I haven't even mentioned the legitimate spy software companies that are pumping millions of copies of legal spy software all over the Internet to whoever wants to buy them, and some of these computer spy programs are even free..

For instance www.spectorsoft.com, or www.actualspy.com or Perfect Keylogger by www.blazingtools.com 

Every virus/malware scanner will ALWAYS have to update their signature databases to keep up with new threats... as they discover them.

Over & over again.

It's the nature of the beast.

But updating takes time...

Time between when the Trojan, Bot, Virus etc. is released and when it is detected & added to the detection databases.

There's always a delay between the time a new threat comes out & the time it takes to isolate it and move it into the virus/malware scanner database.

But what happens to you in between updates?

How many passwords, credit card numbers, emails, or chat conversations can be blatantly captured & recorded while you wait for your security software to update?

Maybe you even forgot to update :-(

I'm not just talking out of the top of my hat.

SpyCop has clients from all walks of life, including members of the following government agencies:

* (DHS) Department of Homeland Security
* (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation
* (DOS) Department of State
* (OIG) Office of The Inspector General
* (IRS) Internal Revenue Service
* (NASA) National Aeronautics & Space Administration
* (FDA) US Food & Drug Administration
* (CAP) Civil Air Patrol
* (SSA) Social Security Administration
* (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture
* (DHH) Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals
* (PNL) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE)
* (SCSA) California State & Consumer Services Agency
* (WSDOT) Washington's State Department Of Transportation
* (USGS) US Geological Survey
* (USDVA) Department of Veterans Affairs
* (INL) Idaho National Laboratory (Nuclear Research
* (HHS) Health & Human Services
* (NTSR) National Transportation Safety Board
* (LANL) Los Alamos National Laboratory (National Security Nuclear Safety)
* (EIA) Energy Information Administration
* (TA) Technology Administration
* (LOC) Library of Congress
* (NPS) National Park Service
* (NIST) National Institute of Standards & Technology
* (LLNL) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (National Security Lab)
* (SNL) Sandia National Laboratories (Nuclear Lab)
* (DC) District of Columbia
* (TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority
* (MT) State of Montana

Here's my 100% Money Back Guarantee...

If you EVER find any Virus, Keylogger, Trojan, Bot, Spyware, Worm etc. that SpyCop didn't catch... Let me know what it is and I'll give you a 100% no questions asked refund no matter how long you've owned SpyCop Cloak.

That's not a 30, 60 or 120 day guarantee... that's for as long as you're our client !

So... what's it worth to you to have peace of mind?

What's it worth to protect your banking passwords, credit card numbers, chats, emails and everything else you input into your computer?

What's it worth to be notified every time any software or malware on your computer tries to monitor your activity?

My staff and I will be asking $97 for this software but I'm going to keep the price at $49.95 for a while just to see how it goes.

That's unbelievable privacy protection that can literally save you thousands of dollars in banking or credit card rip-offs just for starters... 

This offer includes one full year of tech support & auto-updates..

Put me & my company to the test... 

Harness our years of electronic privacy protection services & let us work for you immediately...

Warning !


SpyCop is only compatible with Windows 2000 Windows XP & Windows Vista

64 Bit isn't supported at this time.